Sales Support

Crump’s internal sales teams provide all pre-sale support to our financial professionals. Our associates are well versed in all aspects of the business and their primary function is to provide product information and support, case design, illustrations, quotes, and solutions supporting a wide range of client needs from the most basic product and solution comparisons to the most complex scenarios to assist financial professionals in serving their clients and growing their business.

Case Design

  • Teams provide product expertise and life insurance illustrations delivered in an accurate and timely fashion 
  • Training support is available for new professionals working with Crump on how to best leverage our website and transaction center
  • Assistance for professionals is offered about how to stay connected and educated on the market, including industry news and sales and marketing ideas 
  • Continuous evaluation of the market, products and our providers ensures that the financial professionals we work with are providing their clients with the best-in-class protection and plans  
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Life Policy Review

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Policy review is an important aspect of a risk protection plan for clients. Our Policy Evaluation Program can help you evaluate whether clients’ policies are performing as they should. If they are not, we will help identify solutions designed to improve the situation.

Business Policy Review

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Crump’s Business Review Program is designed to arm business owners with information and analyses that allow them to make informed decisions with regard to their companies’ life insurance assets and the plans to which those policies relate.

Annuity Policy Review

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Crump offers support for Annuity Policy Review designed to analyze current in-force annuities and provide professionals with an understanding of clients’ current plans. Additionally, this review allows evaluation of other options that may be appropriate at the time of the review.